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Mo Bus Pass Apply Online, Price, Download, Login

Captial Region Urban Transport has launched the Mo bus travelling pass for the commuters who are travelling in and around Bhubneshwar Odisha.  Users who are holding this pass can travel unlimited ride on their selected route after paying one time pass fee. Mo bus pass is ideal for daily and frequent travelers who travel multiple times a day on the selected routes around Bhubaneswar Odisha. Today in this article we will talk about how to apply for Mo Bus pass via online mode, price of Mo bus pass, how to download Mo bus pass, etc. Read this article till the end for complete information.

Mo Bus Pass Apply Online, Price, Download, Login

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Complete Overview of Mo Bus Pass Apply Online

The Mo bus service is launched on 6th November 2018. Mo Bus is a public transport system that provides its transport services around Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha. The Mo Bus service is operated by the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) under the H & UD Department of the Odisha Government. A huge fleet of around 310 buses is operated under the Mo Bus service by the CRUT from other cities to/ from Bhubaneswar. The Mo Bus service cover cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri and Khordha. The Mo Bus service is transforming the public transport system of these major cities of Odisha.  The Mo bus adopted the state of the art technology system like live tracking system, mobile app, etc to provide the seamless experience to its user.

Key Highlights of Mo Bus Service

Name of SchemeMo Bus Service
Started byGovernment of Odisha
Initiated  byCapital Region Urban Transport
ObjectivesTo Provide Bus Travelling Passes
BeneficiariesResidents of Odisha
Official websitewww.capitalregiontransport.in

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Objective of Mo Bus Pass

The objective of the Mo Bus pass is to provide a seamless travelling experience in public transport. The Mo bus pass allows its user to travel unlimited time selected route and area during the validity period of the card. Capital region urban transport uses electric buses in its MO bus service. The MO buses are air-conditioned and provide you a pleasant travelling experience. You can purchase the Mo card via online as well as offline mode. The motive of the Mo Bus Pass Apply via online mode is to provide you the easy way to apply for the Mo Bus travelling pass. You can apply for the Mo Bus pass on the official website of capital region urban transport (CRUT).

Features and Benefits of Mo Bus Pass

Here we are sharing features and benefits of Mo Bus Pass.

  • User can travel for unlimited time during the validity of the Mo Bus Pass.
  • You can apply for the Mo Bus Pass via online as well as offline mode
  • MO Bus Pass is applicable for single user and is non transferable to any other person.
  • Route pass is strictly applicable for the selected specific route
  • If the user purchases a MO Ac bus pass he/she can also travel in Non Ac buses.
  • If the user purchases a Non Ac Mo Bus Pass, he/she is not allowed to travel in Ac Buses.
  • The user of Mo Bus pass can travel in Ac bus as well as Non Ac bus depending on their bus pass
  • The price of MO Bus pass starts from Just Rs. 5
  • The MO Buses are well equipped with on CCTV camera for safety

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Fare Price Non Ac Mo Bus

DistanceFare Price
0- 4 kmRs.5.00
4-8 kmRs.10.00
8-12 kmRs.15.00
12-17 kmRs.20.00
17-22 kmRs.25.00
22-27 kmRs.30.00
27-39 kmRs.35.00       
39-45 kmRs.45.00
45-51 kmRs.50.00
51-57 kmRs.55.00
57-63 kmRs.60.00
63-69 kmRs.65.00
69-75 kmRs.70.00
75-81 kmRs.75.00
81-87 kmRs.80.00
87-93 kmRs.85.00
93-99 kmRs.90.00
99-111 kmRs.95.00       
111-117 kmRs.105.00
117-129 kmRs.110.00    
129-135 kmRs.120.00
135-141 kmRs. 125.00

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Fare Price Ac Mo Bus

DistanceFare Price
0-2 kmRs.5.00
2-4 kmRs.10.00
4-7 kmRs.15.00
7-10 kmRs.20.00
10-14 kmRs.25.00
14-18 kmRs.30.00
18-22 kmRs.35.00   
22-27 kmRs.40.00
27-32 kmRs.45.00
32-37 kmRs.50.00
37-43 kmRs.55.00
43-49 kmRs.60.00
49-55 kmRs.65.00
55-61 kmRs.70.00
61-67 kmRs.75.00
67-73 kmRs.80.00
73-79 kmRs.85.00
79-85 kmRs.90.00   
85-91 kmRs.95.00
91-97 kmRs.100.00 
97-103 kmRs.105.00
103-109 kmRs. 110.00
109- 115 kmRs.115.00
115-121 kmRs.120.00
121-127 kmRs.125.00
127- 133 kmRs.130.00

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Fare Price for Mo Bus Pass 2024

Type of Bus PassFare for AC BusFair For Non Ac Bus
Bhubaneswar Pass: Three Days (valid for Single day)Rs. 40Rs. 60
Bhubaneswar Pass: Three Days (valid for 3 days)Rs. 80Rs. 120
Bhubaneswar Pass: Weekly (valid for 7 daysRs. 160Rs. 240
Bhubaneswar Pass: Weekly (valid for 15 days)Rs. 320Rs. 480
Bhubaneswar Pass: Monthly (valid for 30 days)Rs. 550Rs. 750
Bhubaneswar Pass: Quarterly (valid for 90 days)Rs. 1500Rs. 2100
Magic Pass: Daily (valid for a Single Days)Rs. 80Rs.60
Magic Pass: Three Days (valid for 3 days)Rs. 160Rs. 240
Magic Pass: Weekly (valid for 7 days)Rs. 320Rs. 480
Magic Pass: Weekly (valid for 15 days)Rs. 640Rs. 960
Magic Pass: Monthly (valid for 30 days)Rs. 1100Rs. 1500
Magic Pass: Quarterly (valid for 90 days)Rs. 3000Rs. 4200

Important Document required for Mo Bus Pass Online Application

  • Adhar Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Number

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How to Apply Online for Mo Bus Pass

You can apply for the online Mo Bus Pass by using the mobile application of Mo Bus. The mobile application is available for both android user as well as IOS users. Here we are sharing the online application process for the Mo Bus pass.

  • Visit the Google Playstore/ Apple store in your mobile
  • Search for Mo Bus application in the search bar of Google playstore/ Apple store
  • After searching it, click on the install tab and install the Mo Bus mobile application in your mobile phone
  • Now, sign up into the Mo Bus mobile app by using user name and password
  • After signing in, book the Mo bus pass, select the route and duration
  • Pay the required amount via credit card, debit card, UPI, etc and click on Proceed tab.
  • The Mo Bus pass will be successfully booked online on your mobile app

How to Apply Offline for MO Bus Pass

You can also purchase the Mo Bus pass offline. To purchase the Mo bus pass via offline mode you need to visit the Captial Region Urban Transport (CRUT) Office in Patia in any working day between 9 Am to 6 Pm. You can also visit the master canteen of Mo Bus Terminal to buy the Mo Bus Pass offline. The offline Mo bus Pass is available on all days of week between 9 Am to 6 Pm.

Helpline Number

Here we are sharing the helpline number, address and official Email ID of Mo Bus, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT)

  • Address– Capital Region Urban Transport, Plot No. 548/1452, Patia, Kalarahanga, Bhubaneswar – 751024, Dist: Khordha, Odisha
  • Phone Number– 0674-3501580
  • Official Email ID– crutbbsr@gmail.com

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