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Privacy Policy

It is our prime concern to regard your privacy policy as we fetch your information while the website is being browsed. We at yojanalabh.com provide information regarding the schemes or programs that are functioned by state or central government. We are just providing the information and are not coupled with any state or central government entities.

It is very necessary to build a healthy and undoubtful environment for the users who visit us at yojanalabh.com. As to improve our services for the user, we need some basic information from the user like email, IP address, mobile number, username, and password.

We admire user’s privacy and execute to protect the individual information that is being provided. The motive of our privacy policy is to let users know which data or information can be collected and how it can be used to amplify our services, moreover, under what conditions it can be shared with third parties. We yojanalabh.com collects information from this website only. Information gathered from other sources cannot be claimed for this privacy policy.

We have made the terms and conditions along with a privacy policy that enables rules and regulations while the website is being used. In order to enjoy the services, you may be demanded to agree with supplementary terms and conditions.


The non-personal information of the guest provided by the servers and web browser is particular i.e, preferred language, category of the web browser, time & date of login. To understand and enhance, we need to know how our guest uses this website. To make this happen, we need non-personal identifying information of the user. At times, non-personal information can be revealed in the heap.

Personal identifying information like IP Address, Username, Password, and mobile number can also be collected for the guest who signed up or commented on yojanalabh.com.

The data can be used and revealed for signed-in users or commented guest under the following conditions:

Users connect with us in ways that are needed to collect their personal identifying information. It depends on the connection made between the user and the website. For instance: if the user

Sign up for the account then email address, mobile number, username, and password will be requested.


The user’s personal identifying information is very crucial and hence it should be protected, but there are circumstances in which personal information can be compromised. We don’t claim excellent security while we do our best to avoid any illegal entities gathering user’s personal information.


This website may contain some external links which are not handled by our team, clicking on such links would lead you to another website. Our privacy policy is not controlled or shared with any such website. Therefore, users are requested to visit these links on their responsibility. We, yojanalabh.com will not be responsible for any act of information collected by third parties. We advised you to read their privacy policy thoroughly and review terms and conditions.


We, yojanalabh.com gather user or guest information for reviewing and classifying the conduct towards our website. For Ex: We can watch our most informative articles on yojanalabh.com. The acquired information can be unveiled publicly or it can be yielded to others.

We yojanalabh.com share personal information in the following ways and do not publish any personal data of the user or guest by other means.


For the enhancement and improvisation of our services for the visitors and users, we add cookies to individualize content, and relevant advertising and save users’ choices on their computer storage.

A Cookie is the data stored in the form of a string that is delivered from the guest’s browser and stored on his computer, at times when the website is being visited. We yojanalabh.com uses this technology for a better understanding of the utilization of the website and guests’ preferences over the website. Whenever the guest visits our website, they will be asked to store cookies from our side, if the visitor does not desire cookies to be stored, the cookies accept option should be disabled from the web browser. Without cookies, our website maybe not function properly, and users can experience some missing features for the same reason.