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Water Bill Settlement Scheme Delhi 2024: Apply Online, Amount, Benefits

The Chief Minister of Delhi has introduced the Water Bill Settlement Scheme for the year 2024. Under this initiative, the Delhi State Government aims to assist all permanent residents facing inflated water bills by offering a scheme for bill settlement. Eligible residents who have received inaccurate or inflated water bills can benefit from this program, allowing them to pay their outstanding bills at a reduced amount compared to the original bill. It’s important to note that this scheme is exclusively available to residents of Delhi.

Water Bill Settlement Scheme Delhi 2024

About Water Bill Settlement Scheme Delhi 2024

Residents of Delhi who have received inaccurate water bills or have outstanding water bills are entitled to participate in the Water Bill Settlement Scheme Delhi 2024. This scheme allows Delhi residents to settle their pending water bills by making a single payment to the Delhi government. Through this initiative, the Government of Delhi anticipates receiving a total revenue of INR 2500 crore. Interested individuals can complete the application form to take advantage of this scheme.

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Objective of Water Bill Settlement Scheme Delhi

The primary goal of introducing this Scheme in Delhi is to assist individuals who the authorities have issued inaccurate water bills. Residents of Delhi with permanent status who have been presented with inflated water bills are eligible to complete the application form to access the advantages of this initiative. The Delhi Government will grant a one-time settlement to all applicants, allowing them to settle their water bills. The single payment will be discounted compared to the initially issued water bill. Reports indicate that over 40% of consumers in Delhi have been subjected to erroneous water bills from the local water authorities.

Benefits of Water Bill Settlement Scheme

Applicants have the option to settle their outstanding water bills at a reduced one-time payment, alleviating concerns about financial difficulties associated with inflated bills. It is anticipated that the Government of Delhi will generate a revenue of INR 2500 crore through this initiative. Consumers can resolve their overdue payments by making a reduced one-time payment

Eligibility Water Bill Settlement Scheme

To be eligible, applicants must be permanent residents of Delhi, possess a functioning water meter, and have either received incorrect water bills or have pending water bills in Delhi.

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Required Documents
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Water meter bill
  • Water meter installation document
  • Domicile certificate
Date of Announcement

This Scheme was introduced on February 9, 2024

Implementation Process
  • The Delhi Water Bill Settlement initiative is exclusively targeted for implementation within the Union Territory of Delhi, India.
  • This program aims to collect outstanding revenue from water bills in Delhi.
  • Residents of Delhi will have the option to settle their overdue water bills through a reduced one-time payment.
  • Individuals who have been issued inflated bills can also opt for a one-time settlement to clear their dues.
  • The Government of Delhi anticipates generating a revenue of INR 2500 crore through this scheme.

Process to Take Benefit of Water Bill Settlement Scheme Delhi 2024

  • To avail of benefits through the Water Bill Settlement in Delhi, visit the official website and navigate to the Apply Online option on the home page.
  • Fill in the required details and upload the necessary documents on the ensuing page.
  • Finally, click on Submit to conclude the application process.

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