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CAA Notification Released: CAA Implemented In The Country From Today, Central Government Issued Notification

CAA Notification Released:- The government of India has released the notification for the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act CAA. Home Ministry of India has launched the online portal for CAA and the mobile app will also be release in coming days. The CAA in India is a legislative law which was passed in the year 2019. The citizenship amendment act allows a path to Indian citizenship for religious minorities, including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians who take refuge in India after being persecuted from neighbouring countries of India like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh before December 31, 2014.      Today in this article we will talk about CAA notification, so read this article till the end for detailed information of citizenship amendment act notification.

CAA Notification Released

CAA Notification Released

The Ministry of Home Affairs has released the notification about the implementation of CAA in India. The government of India has implemented the rules of citizenship amendment act CAA in India, it has also launched the CAA online portal and the CAA mobile app is going to launch very soon. Under the Citizenship amendment act, the non-muslim migrants from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who have arrived in India before the year 2014 are eligible for the application of citizenship of India. The application for Indian citizenship can be apply through the CAA portal of Indian Government. The citizenship amendment act CAA has faced a huge protest all across the India from citizens as well as various Indian political parties.

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme List

Key Highlights of CAA Notification

Name of SchemeCitizenship Amendment Act
Started byGovernment of India
Initiated  byMinistry of Home Affair
ObjectivesTo Provide Citizenship of India to Non Muslim Migrants
BeneficiariesNon- Muslim Migrants
Official websitewww.indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in

CAA Notification Objective

The objective of CAA notification is to inform the citizens of India about the implementation of citizenship amendment act in India. The objective of CAA is to provide a way to citizenship of India to the Non-Muslim migrants from the countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The CAA especially targets migrants of Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian faith from these countries. This act will help Non-Muslim migrants like Hindu, Christian, Sikh, etc who have faced religious persecution in the India neighbouring countries. Under the CAA the Non-Muslim migrants who have entered in India before the year 2014 are eligible for applying for Indian citizenship.

अमृत भारत स्टेशन योजना

Why there is Protest Against CAA All Over the India?

One of the main reasons behind the widespread protest against the CAA is that it does not include Muslims among the eligible communities to apply for Indian citizenship. This will leads to concerns about religious discrimination and it sparked widespread protests across India. The other concerns related to CAA are potential impact on the secular fabric of the country and the exclusion of Muslims. Critics of CAA also fear that the CAA and National Register of Citizens (NRC) jointly will leads to the disempowerment of Muslim communities in India. Later on Indian government make sure that the act does not affect the existing citizenship status of any Indian citizen, irrespective of their religion.

Important Points Described in CAA Notifications

 Here we are sharing the important clause and points that are described in the CAA notification.

  • The application for registration as a citizen of India or grant of certificate of naturalisation as citizen of India must be submitted by the applicant via online mode
  • The verification of the submitted documents will be verified at the district level by the verification committee.
  • The Designated government official will administer to the applicant the oath of allegiance, sign the oath of allegiance and forward
  • The same in electronic form along with confirmation regarding verification of documents to the Empowered Committee
  • Empowered Committee can conduct inquiry if it feels necessary to determine the suitability of an applicant. The committee can obtain report of the applicant from the security agency
  • If the Empowered Committee satisfied with the suitability of the applicant, they can grant him/her the citizenship of India by registration or naturalisation
  • The Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Naturalisation will be digitally signed or signed by the Chairman of Empowered Committee
  • Empowered Committee will register the details and data of the persons who is newly registered or naturalised as a citizen of India. This data of the newly citizen of India will be easily accessible to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Security Agency

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Information Released by Ministry of Home Affairs in CAA Notification

 The Ministry of Home Affairs has released the list of information in the official citizenship amendment act notifications. Here we are sharing the type of information released in CAA notification.

  • Process of Application under Citizenship Amendment Act
  • Eligibility Criteria for application under CAA
  • List of important documents required for application under CAA
  • Online application process for citizenship under CAA
  • Procedure to submit the application under the section 6B
  • How citizenship certificate is issued to the applicants

Contact Details

  • Official Email ID– support[dot]ctznoci[at]mha[dot]gov[dot]in
  • Official Toll Free Number– +91-1123070167- +91-123070167
  • Address- Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Near Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001

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